Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Red Light Company – Fine Fascination

The debut album from the five piece that is Red Light Company shot straight to number one in the UK album charts and has received so much time on the radio waves of late that you could be forgiven for thinking it was a new government proposal to have them played after every other song on every station. However it would seem that recently, neither conquering the charts or the radio is a particularly good indication of a half decent album. As with many bands these days, there was a load of hype, then a load of counter-hype where all those people “in the know” decided it was cooler to slag them off after one song, so there are few who will head into this album with an open mind. The truth is its not spectacular, but neither does it deserve to be put in the toilet with the last Razorlight album. They have developed an energetic and pulsating brand of music that your foot will find hard to resist a sly tap along to, and songs which will cement themselves in your head for a good few days. It might be a bit samey, but songs such as 'Words of Spectacular', 'Scheme Eugene' and 'Meccano' do provide highlights, and they have created a decent album which while it may not set the world alight, will at least keep the flame burning a little longer.

Review by Rob Sellars

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  1. love the "government proposal" thing in there :)