Tuesday, 1 January 2008

The All New Adventures Of Us – Best Loved Goodnight Tales

Some people are melody people. Some people are lyrics people. Some people just like noise. Well this album won’t promise you noise but it can offer an abundance of the former two. The musical compositions are dramatic but not showy and the lyrics are incredibly honest and genuine. Stand out tracks are The Art Of The High Five a song dripping with nostalgia remembering days lost whilst they demand ‘come on prove me wrong’ and ask ‘does anyone remember laughter? Does anyone remember fun?’ Perfectly Imperfect is a heartbreaking love song and with timeless lines such as ‘I know that our paths will come to an end at the same town and time. I know ‘cos your hand fits perfectly in mine’ I find myself convinced that true love does exist. A lovely record that has something for everyone (except for those who like noise!).

Review by Hannah Ransome

Manu Chao – Me Llaman Calle

A refreshing song from Manu Chao which would be quite irresistible in a Latin club! It is somewhat repetitive and perhaps would be unappreciated here; however this shouldn’t be too much of a fault because the track itself has so much life and exudes exotic happiness which cannot be ignored in any context. The atmosphere it emanates is of hot Spanish streets, which is brought to light in the video of the song where people are inclined to dance outside shops to the classic strumming and Latin beats. A different view of the song comes when informed what it is about- the city’s street women-and this adds a certain poignancy to the song and makes you appreciate it even more.

Review by Eliza Lomas