Sunday, 1 March 2009

The Kills – Black Balloon E.P.

Anyone who wanders into this new E.P. by The Kills, a follow up to recent album ‘Midnight Boom’, expecting more of the same needs to take a serious step back and one hell of a deep breath. It’s as if the two of them suddenly got together and decided the world deserved to see their sensitive side, the fragile interior that has been hiding behind the thumping beats and manic choruses they’ve hit us with before. And in all truth, its glorious. Title track ‘Black Balloon’ is an eerie and tantalising number that sounds like it belongs in some dingy little bar with all the other misunderstood but ultimately cool songs of the world. But when ‘Crazy’ begins you have to wonder who the hell the husky and alluring voice that is coming from the stereo belongs to. It’s a heartbreaking and gentle track which speaks volumes for the range of musical talent this band possesses. ‘Kissy and Kissy’ and ‘Sour Cherry’ do not let down the side either, with the former showing their raw talent at its best, while the latter returns to more typical Kills style complete with throbbing beats and fiery vocals. In the space of just four songs, the two-piece display their impressive range and smash down all inhibitions in the process.

Review by Rob Sellars

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