Sunday, 15 March 2009

Jason Mraz - Make It Mine

James Blunt has a lot to answer for. Since that single and that video, every man in Britan suddenly had up their game and try that little harder to woo the lady folk. Enter Jason Mraz has cottened on this and has made his stance with the track 'Make It Mine'.
The lets-fall-in-love-and-live-a-sugar-filled-world formula is present and stuck to pretty rigidly. Although this is not to critise the song- it has all the right hooks in all the right places, lyrical there are some nice metpahors and Mraz can hold a tune. All the elements are there for him to win over the majority of the population especially with mother’s day around the corner.
In short it is bright brezzy guitar driven pop which your mum and commerical radio would love.

Review by George McSorley

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