Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Alex Roots – Fake

Alex Roots – FakeOh dear. On her debut single “Fake”, Ms. Roots clearly aims for the kind of teasing pop brilliance previously touted by Blondie, but on this effort she barely counts as the new Katy Perry. Combining nauseatingly clichéd lyrics that wouldn’t be that misplaced this side of an Avril Lagvine song, utterly characterless vocals and some of the most bland drum and guitar parts ever to be laid down by beings of flesh and blood (although with something this cloyingly plastic, you can never be too sure…), the song’s a train wreck from the off, and it only gets messier and bloodier over its 195 seconds. At least you (or, more to the point, I) probably won’t have to ever hear her again. Fingers crossed, eh?

Review by Mark Corcoran-Lettice

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