Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Art Brut - Pump Up The Volume

The crazy band known under the name Art Brut, has a new single which is most probably also about one of the ex-girlfriends Eddie Argos had. His talking over the music, and the bizarre sarcasm of the lyrics marks “Pump Up The Volume”. This song is missing something, the originality that was present in previous releases. The move to LA might have had an unexpected impact on the bands music. This single is about if it is ok to turn up the volume on a pop song while kissing, to be fair Eddie has the weirdest ideas what to make his lyrics be about.

Review by Solveig

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Eastern Conference Champions - The Box

The newest single of the Pennsylvania Eastern Conference Champions is entitled “The Box”, a term that does not even get mentioned in the lyrics. It is melodic and different from the current indie sounds that are out on the market. Lyrics wise it is a rather somber song, dealing with drug abuse, drinking, and getting three years for “just giving up”, all of this is dealt with in a more or less quiet way. The last note of the song is very beautiful, giving it a nice ending and making one want to hear the whole song over and over again.

Review by Solveig Werner

Monday, 11 February 2008

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Real Emotional Trash

The former Pavement member, Stephen Malkmus is releasing his fourth solo album with the Jicks. This album is made special by its simplicity, reminding the listener garage bands that dare to experiment with instruments and music in general. The creativity is already visible when it comes to the titles of the songs like “Elmo Delmo”, “Wicked Wanda” or “Dragonfly Pie”, whatever that means. Every song is different from the others, they all sound similar but different. What they have in common is Mr. Malkmus unique voice. The lyrics are rather random which makes them quite fun. It’s not what would be put on in a club, but to some tracks you could dance definitely some real rock ‘n’ roll on. The album has got something very original but hard to grasp and describe in words, it is definitely worth giving a listen.

Review by Solveig Werner

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Kill Hanna - Kennedy

The upcoming single by the Chicago band Kill Hanna is about the Kennedy family clan as the title “Kennedy” suggests. In more detail this song is about how great it would be to actually be a Kennedy, the prestige of the family is described in the lyrics, they come over as some sort of Gods. Musical energy is definitely present in the song, and it is not as dark as the previous release “Lips Like Morphine”, but still it is quite a similar song, the theme of wanting something impossible is still present, and kissing pretty girls. Maybe wanting the unattainable is the main motif for Kill Hanna.

Review by Solveig Werner

Monday, 4 February 2008

The Cardigans - Erase/Rewind (Kleerup Remix

Surprisingly the Cardigans song “Erase/Rewind” remixed by Kleerup sounds quite good. It is not the typical Cardigans, and with that not the music for every moment, but it might be something to consider putting on while getting ready for a night out. Proper Cardigans might not agree with this, seen that it diverts a lot from the original version of the song, but why not give it a try on the dance floor?

Review by Solveig Werner

Rivers Cuomo - Alone - The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo

Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo decided to release some more material; it is the songs that he recorded on his own time without the rest of the band being around, hence the title of his upcoming album. “Alone” features different recordings of Weezer’s released songs, but also some songs that seem to have never left Cuomo’s house before. Songs ending abruptly mark this record, this and the fact that the recordings are quite simple adds to the charm. It is a stripped down version of Weezer, which makes it sound great nonetheless.

Review by Solveig Werner