Sunday, 8 March 2009

Asher Roth - I Love College

We’ve all watched those American teen movies where it appears everyone turns up at the house party and gets totally wasted, Blink – 182 play in the living room and the geeky girl turns out to be some hot fox- why this never happens over here is beyond me. This song sums all these movies up in one neat package.
Hailed as the next hip-hop sensetation Asher Roth paints the perfect American college scene which all wish we could be apart of- but we live in Gosforth and the police have turned up to ask if we cold turn do the Kyle CD.
It has an old school hip-hop vibe with crackling vinyl sounds opening up the track and sloppy drum beat. Asher is clearly enjoying himself with his stories and advice to the student in all of us- judging by the party he went to last night (apparently it was so good we should have taped it) he also knows how to party hard. It’s not a clever record or very insightful and at times it is immature with its freshman chanting. But it is a fun record which all we can all relate and enjoy.
Now where do you sign up for some of this fun?

Review by George McSorley

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