Monday, 24 May 2010

Tenny Ten - Swaggnificient

Reviewed by Antonio Alves da Silva

For a song that tries to uplift the mood you’re a quickly shot back down into a state of wanting to tear your hair out; achieved by the seemingly catchy chorus that becomes grating and the singer’s inability to rap. It’s a brave move, however a foolish one, to follow in Peter Andre’s steps by creating a new word and using it to name your song. I would like to say that the music is the only redeeming quality to the song, but only part way through and you realise that it is highly repetitive and soon tire of the overall bad song.


Mumford and sons – Roll Away Your Stone

Reviewed by Antonio Alves da Silva

Overall the song is impressive and easy to listen to. Initially you’re met by a folk style intro which unfolds into an energetic duet between guitar and lead vocalist; the contrast between quirky guitar and gruff voice provides an interesting feel which progressively becomes more powerful and sinister. Throughout the song there are sudden changes from soft to loud that’s works as the different sections flow smoothly with one another. It’s a pleasant twist to conventional folk music that gives a fresh sound to mainstream music you listen to on the radio.