Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Innerpartysystem – Don’t Stop

The newest single by the Pennsylvania band Innerpartysystem is ‘Don’t Stop’ and the only thing there is to say about it is that it is a real mint tune. The band truly emphasizes the electro rock style, by making this a dance song that seems to be not just a lot of repetition but also some musical depth. It is only a matter of time before it will be played on the dance floors and not just on a few radio stations. Innerpartysystem could be the next big band in electro music that is not from France or Germany.

Review by Solveig Werner

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Lightspeed Champion - Galaxy of the Lost

‘Galaxy of the Lost’ is the name of the newest single by Light Speed Champion, and it is quite a good one. The lyrics clearly reflect the feeling of being lost at certain times. One thing that makes this song particular is that it is not a song that you can listen to all the time. It is one of those that you have to be in the mood for, when you feel a bit sad that’s when it could fit well, not making you any worse. Being very melodic it has a bit the appeal of a song that could be played in a nice cozy coffee shop.

Review by Solveig Werner

Razmataz Lorry Exitement! - The Biggest Waste Of 33 Minutes

If you like electro rock then Razmataz Lorry Exitement is the artist for you. His new single ‘The Biggest Waste Of 33 Minutes’ reflects influences such along the lines of Daft Punk. If you like artists such as Thieves Like Us, Digitalism and Hot Chip then you won’t be deceived by this new song, it is not a waste of time, I’d rather say it is a lot better than a lot of things that are out on the market in the electro and dance genres today.

Review by Solveig Werner

Kenna - Out Of Control

Kenna is finally releasing his debut album in the UK, the first single of it is ‘Out of Control (State of Emotion)’. This song is very particular it sounds a lot like a dance tune hip hop sort of tune, that seems to appeal to a lot of people that like alternative rock music. It is very very catch and addictive at once.

Review by Solveig Werner

Monday, 21 April 2008

Tokyo Police Club - Tessellate

“Tessellate” is the first UK single of “Elephant Shell” the debut album by the Canadian band Tokyo Police Club. This song is even more energetic than what was released prior to it like their overwhelming EP “A Lesson In Crime” or their various other tracks that were released such as “Your English Is Good”. The sounds are getting more and more sophisticated as the band evolves. The sound of “Tessellate” makes the listener wants to get up and dance, but if you listen a bit closer to the lyrics there is a certain sadness in them, the sadness that marks everything by Tokyo Police Club, but there is nothing to worry about they are some of the happiest people around. “Tessellate” is marked by Graham’s keyboard skills and Dave’s really really good singing voice, of course the skills of Greg and Josh can’t be neglected. Like in some of the other songs the drums are important as is the clapping when only Graham’s synchs and David’s voice are in action.

They are about to announce their tour dates for the summer for the UK and the rest of Europe, and Tokyo Police Club is a great live act so definitely worth checking out.

Review by Solveig Werner