Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Wolfmother - New Moon Rising

Finally some new Wolfmother material is going to be released. On the 5th of October 2009, the Australian rock band, made up of Andrew Stockdale, Ian Peres, Aidan Nemeth, and Dave Atkins, will release the new single New Moon Rising. In the following week the new album Cosmic Egg will be out.

This new single is without a doubt a proper Wolfmother song, starting with a loud intro and then having the vocals talk a bit over the music, and then sort of having a musical explosion here and there. After a few listens it does seem to be missing a bit, the catchiness that marks the songs Woman and Joker & The Thief is not all that present. The guitar parts of the song are a reminder of the white stripes in the early days.

Like on other Wolfmother tracks, this song talks about a girl, and the lyrics are repetitive, hence the listener can easily get used to the song. New Moon Rising will probably be a less foce full single than some of the other have been, but it will sell, and will propel Wolfmother back into the musical spheres where these boys belong, not that they ever descended from up there.

Review by Solveig Werner