Monday, 15 December 2008

Kaiser Chiefs- Good Days/Bad Days

It is starting to feel like another day, another Kaiser Chief single- these boy’s arms must have fallen off by now surely?
This up-tempo number is ticking all the Kaiser Chief single boxes- bouncy drum rhythm and general optimism. It makes you wonder if the Kaiser Chiefs live on Earth because as the world collapses they still churn out positive noises. However it does sound slightly like they are going through the motions on this but it will sell.
The Kaiser Chiefs are unshakably commercial and this song will further cement their place as one of the most marketable bands in Britain.

Review by Alan George McSorley

Snow Patrol – Crack The Shutter

I loved Snow Patrol’s last album, Eyes Open, so I jumped at the chance to review their new single Crack The Shutters, and I was not disappointed. Crack The Shutters perfectly exemplified what I like about Snow Patrol, delivering a mix of thoughtful lyrics and great musical aptitude. I expect that Crack The Shutters will be a big hit.

Review by Chris Render December

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Charli XCX – Emelline/Art Bitch

When I was first presented with Charli XCX’s new double A-sided single I took a somewhat narrow-minded approach in predicting that it would be a stereotypical example of a sixteen-year-old girl making awful music in a bid to look original. Unfortunately, ‘Emelline’ seemed to confirm my fears. ‘Art Bitch’ however is a completely different story. Running on a brilliant mixture of soft vocals, catchy keyboards and cute, honest lyrics, it goes someway to show that we can maybe still expect big things from the young Miss XCX. Dropping all the remixes however would be a good idea…

Review by Daniel Whyley

Geo Da Silva- Do It Like A Truck

The British clubber is a drunken lout who loves either a fight or one nightstand, which give them a variety of problems the next morning which ever option they choice. This summer Club Euro dance song will take you straight back to that hedonistic time.
For the song expect the classic drum loops, crescendos of keyboards and daft lyrics that you chant on the way home. Its like Falariki, Magluf and Ibiza getting it on in a trashy hotel room. Its replays your summer experiences like a graphic novel.
With thumping, drum loops and hooters blaring the start of the Megastylez remix hit you like neon green vodka cocktail- you know you have had one! It continues at quite a pace and will get the dance floor hotter than the inside of truck exhaust- you have probably been there too!
Its probably has the IQ of a truck this song, however when out on the disco dancing scene of British club land you will not care one bit because you will be doing it like a truck.

Review by George McSorley

Monday, 8 December 2008

Sportsday Megaphone - Meet Me In The Middle

The first time I heard about Sportsday Megaphone, they were being compared to Hellogoodbye. Please, for your own good, for the world of music and for Sportsday Megaphone, banish such a damning comparison straight away. SM are original, fresh and exciting, treading the line between alternative, dance and drum and bass to some effect. ‘Meet Me In The Middle’ is a glorious explosion of DIY-style synths and beats, that stops just before its get annoying but pounds away just enough to make sure it stays firmly in your head. Sportsday Megaphone are a very exciting new prospect and ‘Meet Me In The Middle’ is a perfect way to get to know them.

Review by Rob Sellars

Monday, 1 December 2008

White Denim - Let's Talk About It

It’s dirty, its raucous, and it’s everything White Denim are about. ‘Let’s Talk About It’ sees White Denim in fine, chaotic mood, thrashing their instruments to the extreme. Sounding like it was recorded in someone’s garage on a cassette player, and with the vocals apparently coming from a different room just adds to the songs charm. Its raw and powerful, and it’s a whole lot of fun.

Review by Rob Sellars