Sunday, 15 March 2009

Ok - Tell The World EP

Wales has provided the world with some of the best singers (Sir Tom Jones and Dame SB) and bands in world (Catatonia, Feeder, Super Fury Animals). Ok that might be stretching it slightly- but Wales has a canny knack of producing great music. Ok is the next in line to keep the tradition alive.
Lead single, 'Tell The World' is a delightful slice of jaunty guitar driven music, all hooks and bouncing rhythms which draw the listener in. There is a certain nod towards their peers like The Wombats and others of that NME loving types. This is not a bad thing though because the song is bursting with energy and is not nearly half as annoying as a Wombats tune. Wishing Well is another slice of the same tasty pie.
Final track, 'I Don’t Know' wonders aloud about our relationships with each other- how they fall apart and fade away. There are is The Doves sound about the record which shows a different direction the band can explore.
Ok are on the right tracks to becoming another great Welsh band.

Review by George McSorley


  1. Check out the bands website at

    Or their myspace...



  2. They sound fab, can't wait to hear more.

  3. Saw them live the other night, fabulous! Top band, top tunes.

  4. Ok are the best!

  5. Ok are the boyyys (:
    they're great guys and they make great music, what more could you want?
    if you havent seen them live, i would deffo urge you to check them out, their shows are brilliant.