Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Me My Head - Night Is on Fire

‘Night Is on Fire’ is a great track! It's got all the essential elements, there’s heaps of attitude behind it and an aggressive umph that stomps furiously throughout the three minutes. However I just feel the song doesn't really go anywhere. It starts all guns blazing, full steam ahead and pretty much ends at the same place. I’m not sure if it's quite catchy enough to have regular play but it is promising stuff, and just when I’m looking forward to hearing more, track two begins.
‘This Feeling’ is a little less fierce than the previous track, it’s a bit of a relief and you can appreciate the song more without it being slammed into your ear drums. Contrary to the rocky vibes of ‘Night Is on Fire’ this tune takes more of an electro-route, it even sounds a tad summery; in my opinion this B-Side dwarfs its predecessor.

Review by Marzena Dabrowska

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