Monday, 19 October 2009

Zero 7 – Yeah Ghost

Reviewed by Helen Stephenson

Zero 7 have always been fairly poppy, but I always thought they had an extra spark that gave their records more credibility than the average pop artist. Yeah Ghost seems to have veered yet more into the grounds of pop than previous albums, possibly even borderline indie, and the only way to do this album justice is to review it as such. Or so I thought.

Zero 7’s lyrics have always stood out as remarkable. They have a beautiful way of constructing very simple, yet very elegant lyrics that intrigue the listener. Yeah Ghost is no exception to this rule, and having listened to this album about ten times I am still noticing lyrics that I did not spot the previous times. Pretty impressive for a pop record, eh?

This is probably because this record is still so much more than pop. There is a lot more going on in these songs than any commercial pop record could offer, and clearly plenty more thought has gone into their creation. Yeah Ghost still does not have enough substance to be considered a decisive piece of music, but it is still a great joy to listen to with some absolute gems on it, and a welcome addition to my music collection.


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