Monday, 19 October 2009

Assembly Point 3 – Slipping Away

Reviewed by Stephen Ferrell

For an unsigned band I have to say I was immediately impressed by the quality of the production on the Slipping away track. This is clearly anthemic Indie and the track kicks off with a superb energy level driven by the guitar and drums. The pounding constant drumbeat has a real foot tapping quality to it. The vocals are perfect for this style of music and the lyrics are of a good quality for this kind of anthemic Indie. I can see this track being big both in the Indie clubs and for anyone that is just looking for some good music to listen to. I can certainly see this band becoming very big in the forthcoming months. Also included is a second track Finelines. This is a much more melodic track, though it still maintains a good energy level. It gives the vocalist a much better opportunity to demonstrate his abilities. Again the lyrics are pretty good. Neither of these tracks could in any sense be described as anything original or groundbreaking. However there is still something special about doing what has been done before to a highly proficient level. That’s exactly what the band have done here.


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