Monday, 19 October 2009

A Lesser Of Two Evils – Fighting Fiction

Reviewed by Mark Gomersall

When I think of reggae the last words I expect to see describing it are "These are songs written with anger", but that's exactly what Bristol 4-piece "Fighting Fiction" are promising on their debut EP "A Lesser Of Two Evils". Whilst this has all the makings of a trainwreck, the band actually manage to pull off the blend of reggae and indie-rock fairly competently, albeit in a rather mediocre fashion, with the opening and closing tracks both feeling as though they're stuck in second gear. It's also quite difficult to shrug off the feeling that this is the kind of music your year 9 Geography teacher would have enjoyed. However, the middle 2-songs on the EP sees the band turning things around. Channelling the spirit of both Billy Bragg and a more ‘punked up’ Frank Turner, “Cameraphones And Choruses” and “You Mean The World To Me” are exciting tracks with massive sing-along choruses and show definite promise for the band’s future. All in all a mixed bag of an EP, in which I feel the band still hasn’t found the sound they’re looking for.


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