Saturday, 10 October 2009

Quiznam Vigilo Vigilo by The Destructors

Reviewed by Tom "Sid" Waldron

Y’know what I’m not going to go into what “Quiznam Vigilo Vigilo” means and Y’know why I’m not going to? Because I’m punk and I don’t care. Hey, Screw ya! What are you lookin’ at and so on. Er yeah this is my second review of the Destructors musical output and I really don’t feel the description of the band as a “Scuzz Detroit garage punk rock band from Peterborough” is really fitting. I’m not denying their Peterborough heritage but I don’t get the Detroit connection. For me any mention of “the motor city” conjures up images of the MC5, the Stooges and the Alice Cooper band amongst others and when I think of those bands my eyes glaze over, I drool incessantly and there’s a warm feeling in my trousers and alas this particular E.P didn’t do that for me. Not that this isn’t an enjoyable little collection: imagine the kind of Punk band that’s is a staple on Hellcat records fronted by a less pissed off and less Geordie version of Cronos from Venom and you’ve got the right idea. My personal favourites here included “State Control” which had a nifty little solo section and the Vindictives cover because any song with a chorus of “you cunt” is alright with me.


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