Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Unkindness of Ravens - Accelerator/Yours Forever

Reviewed by Stephen Ferrell

The first track from this double a-side is clearly aimed at the Indie dance floor. I can see it working very well in that context as well. Though the track is nothing particularly ground breaking or special. The sparsely programmed drum machine and heavily distorted bass dominate the sound spectrum. I am generally a fan of distorted bass but it doesn’t really work in this track. The dominance of the beats and bass Leave little room for the vocals, which are well performed. Though they are let down by poor lyrics. It’s difficult to see this track working in any context other then a club. The second track Yours forever has more depth to it though. This is largely because the again excellent vocals are given much more room in the mix. I can hear real potential in this track. The drum programming is again very sparse but this time it fits the feel of the track. The guitar works well and uses effects well without trying to dominate the track. Overall this is a much better track.


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