Monday, 26 April 2010

Mindflow - Switched (Original and Cutline remix)

Reviewed by Helen Stephenson

Mindflow's track 'Switched' is a superb dubstep track, once again revealing dubstep as one of the most exciting genres of the 21st century. It is a genre that is rapidly expanding its boundaries and innovating its sound, not only making it more accessible but also more interesting. 'Switched' is a fine example of this, mixing dubstep with faster beats and piano riffs reminiscent of old house music.

There is also a killer remix from Cutline. I have no doubt that both versions will be mashing up dance floors across the country in no time at all.

The only small issue is that the track offers nothing we haven’t heard before. This does not detract from it being a good piece of music, but this remix gives off an air of being the sound of the moment, not the sound of the future of dance music.


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