Monday, 26 April 2010

Blackgold - Shine

Reviewed by Tim Thackray

Apparently this song appeared in the soundtrack for the movie “Valentine’s Day” – The American attempt to recreate the magic of Love Actually by piling in as many stars as possible and letting the drivel commence. It is easy therefore to imagine such Hollywood’s darlings as Ashton Kutcher and Jessica Alba showing their emotional side, wind blowing through their hair, a single tear in the eye as this pop rock blasts out. The track itself is stuck in generic ‘anthemic’ pop of the moment, like ‘Take That’ with added guitars. With lyrics such as “Wont you shine tonight, in the face of the light” this will undoubtedly be a radio 1 daytime hit but this is just uninspiring poppycock to attempt to add emotions to actors who can’t act.

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