Monday, 26 April 2010

Black Soul Strangers - Animate

Reviewed by Chris Render

This debut album from Irish pop-rock four piece Black Soul Strangers definitely positions them as a band worth keeping an eye on. It’s skilful, inspired and thoughtful stuff, everything you’d hope for from up and coming artists like these. The album opens phenomenally with Panic Sets Direction and Lies, both catchy and memorable tracks, before proceeding with a ten track display of raw talent. Tracks like Leave and Monster show the band’s more measured and calm side, whilst never losing their catchy, entertaining appeal, whilst Gallows and Wichita, both album highlights in my opinion, are somewhat more conducive to a club atmosphere, catchy, upbeat, fast and intense. With Animate, Black Soul Strangers have created an album that it’s hard not to fall in love with. Granted, their brand of pop-rock may be nothing new, but they manage to stand out from the crowd simply because they do it so well. Believe the hype: Black Soul Strangers could very well be the next big thing.


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