Thursday, 26 November 2009

Catherine Maclellan - Water in the Ground

Reviewed by John Tait

My first impressions of this artist were light hearted, easy to listen to and with a jazzy feel (especially in the bass line). I grew fond of this album after the first 10 seconds of hearing it, thinking of K.T Tunstall and other artists with a similar sound. The album progressed with some very nice harmonies and a great arrangement. The tracks don’t last too long which is a common mistake made by musicians in the same genre all too often, stagnating their records. Her voice has a fresh feel to it, every track sounding a bit different in its vocal delivery from the last. I wasn’t really listening to the lyrics, I couldn’t tell you whether they were inspiring or not, but there is no denying the talent here. It is hard to think of anything negative to say about this album. If you are after strong lyrics and a more edgy quality to your folk then try The Tossers. For what it is however, this album could easily be described as a wonderful effort. But there is a time and a place for it, as was evident in my housemates comment when passing through the living room as track 5 was playing- “Shall I light some candles?”.


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