Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Young Rival - Young Rival EP

As Canada seems to be the now official home of indie, its unsurprising that Young Rival should hail from the land of the Maple Leaf. And with a hint of the Tokyo Police Club wave under their belts, they now come to Britain to prove their mettle. At first glance, Young Rival fit snugly into their indie cubby-hole: achingly short songs, swift riffage and swooning geek-chic vocals. Yet delve deeper and these boys show they have hair on their chests though their pencil-ties and crisp shirts. Another Nobody sneers with Black Lips debauchery, and Poisonous Moves is as gruff as the Vines’ Craig Nicholls wading through his alcohol collection. In short, Young Rival have venom, so hold on tight to your skinny jeans, you’re in for a ride.

Review by Gordon Bruce

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  1. that TPC mentioning in there really makes me want to listen to this song now :s