Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The Late Review - Diving in Deep

Reviewing The Late Review was no hard effort. Described as "cheeky" , the poppy, bouncy tune is perfect for an indie cindy disco. The lead singer has a lovely voice, which is layered with another equally pleasant sounding voice intermittently. Nice and inoffensive Diving in too deep is playful, especially with a rather manic chorus which I felt came from no where yet it managed to settle into the overall tune with success. However, in a time where British bands full of boys with polo shirts, singing in their home town accents are in abundance it is hard to see how The Late Review will achieve massive acknowledgement, and their longevity in this trend of "indie" joviality may be short lived as nothing amazingly novel is presented. So, in the short term The Late Review are delightful but in the long term I feel the world won't be changed by them.

Review by Aimee Bradshaw

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