Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Random Conflict- Escapism (Glasstone records)

"Are You Watching closely?"

Random Conflict formed in 2006 and within 2 years are ready to set the British metal scene alight with their debut album 'Escapism'.
Not since the release of Avenged Sevenfold's 'Sounding the Seventh trumpet album' have I enjoyed a band's debut album as much as I have 'Escapism'.

With 100's of small metal bands in Birmingham and the black country it was only a matter of time before one of them left the likes of the Barfly, JB's and the rock cafe
and set about moving onto bigger and better venues and im sure Random Conflict will be that band.

The debut album 'Escapism' is everything any metal fan dreams of creating it's fast, fluid and absolutley brutal. From the carnival intro in 'the pledge' to the carnival outro
in 'Escapism' it's pure metal brilliance. The sort of album that you will never get sick of hearing, listening time and time again. Straight from the second track 'My devil danced
with his demon'. You'll feel the need to throw yourself in a pit and get your head kicked in. That's the feeling you'll get in your stomach from begging to the end of this album. It's
the feeling that every metal fan wants and that's what they get.

So many metal bands have appeared and disappeared over the past 5 years. However 'Random Conflict' are deffinatly here to stay. So many bands concentrate on one aspect of
their music, where as 'Random conflict' have crafted each piece of their music into a piece of art. Using only one guitarist and two vocalists it becomes easier to pick a part the different sections
of music compared to so many other metal bands where the music just becomes noise. The use of this makes each part become clearer forming an artistic sound. A sound that gives the listener a
sense of actually hearing them live.

So this is where i find the faults and criticise sections. I just can't do it, there's nothing on this album that can be criticised it's every metal fans dream album. Great guitar riffs, amazing druming and
two amazing vocalists that work unbelievebly well togeather. So the only depressing thing is that they will never be able to break into the British charts where they belong, because as long as Simon
Cowell keeps creating his little pop idols. Real artists like 'Random Conflict' will never get the full credit they deserve. But don't worry the boys from Birmingham are deffinatly here to stay if this is what
they can create after only being formed two years ago (Axl take note), things can only go from strength to strength over the next few years.

Verdict: One of the best albums of the past 8 years. In the words of Random conflict "Lovely stuff"

Tracks to listen to:
My Devil danced with his demon- A full on metal anthem that you just want to mosh to until you can't stand up anymore.
Obsession is a young man's grace- An amazing heartfelt musical interlude, proving it's not all about full on metal riffs.
Escapism-The guitar and drum sections will put a smile on any guitarist's/drummer's face.

For fans of: Cradle of filth, 3 Inches of blood, Shadows Fall, Lamb of God, Children of bodom, and (early) Avenged Sevenfold
You won't like this if: Your a pop idol wannabe

Release Date 24th Nov (Glasstone records) A must buy for any metal fan.

Review by Joe Ellis

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