Monday, 1 November 2010

Plan B - Prayin' [Remixes]

I have been a reluctant fan of Plan B for some time now. Reluctant because it is difficult to explain to others why I took a shine to him. He just has a knack for tracks that wind up stuck in your head and that you find yourself singing aloud to without realising. Prayin' is just such a track. The remixes on this release include Breakage's Bad Week Remix and Bad Week Edit (the edit presumably for radio), and the Riva Starr Club Mix, Riva Starr Edit and Riva Starr Dub Mix. Of the two artists, the stand out remix is Riva Starr's Club Mix: Breakage's mix is good, but it is not worth shouting about. The Dub mix is reasonably similar to the Club mix, and just as enjoyable. Overall both Breakage and Riva Starr have done a cracking job, but Riva Starr's mixes shine the brightest.

Helen Stephenson

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