Monday, 1 November 2010

Black Soul Strangers – Animate

As I struggled through the cellophane that almost ended this review the cover let little go relating to what the CD would actually sound like. With a switched off lamp face on adorning the front and a multi coloured segmented circle the back it could be dance, rock, or folk. It is rock.

Falling somewhere between YouMeAtSix and Snow Patrol it makes me wonder why they are not signed to a major label. Then I spotted the independent label and the Google Mail email address doing nothing to hide self-management. The fact they have not been picked up is no surprise. They claim reverence from big names on radio such as Dermot O’Leary and Jo Whiley but this clearly rubbish.

Not chart friendly enough to satisfy the twelve-year olds that determine it and need to hire some management to sort a tour that will garner older support. This is by far and away the ‘should have been a success’ of the year. There are creative flourishes and the stand out tracks: The Haunting, Leave, Gallows and Wichita are gems among a pretty shiny rough. The kind of rock the current rock generation would enjoy as background listening at their dinner parties in their 30’s this album is 10 years too early. It is however wonderful to hear some well produced new rock music that isn’t over produced, preachy, overhyped, over considered but there lacks the bombastic ambition needed to get noticed or create an impact. The largest sparkle came in the last sixty seconds but that was evidently not the start point.

Max Beavis

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