Monday, 1 November 2010


Apart from the disconcertingly pervy-sounding name, there’s not much else particularly interesting about Dance4Daddy and this single. It bounces along nicely enough, but it sounds so 2003 Sophie Ellis-Bextor it’s a surprise when Jacy Mai (excellent pipes, by the way) pops up singing half the lyrics to ‘Feeling Good’. A cheeky reference is one thing, but the opening “It’s a new life for me/It’s a new dawn/It’s a new day” will probably have Anthony Newley pinging around in his grave. Also, Dance4Daddy appear to have forgotten that it’s probably a good idea to have a chorus at some point. Not that its important or anything, it’s just EXACTLY WHAT I WAS WAITING FOR FOR THE WHOLE SONG and means that it more or less breezes by without making even a dent in the consciousness.

Tom Nicholson

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