Thursday, 19 February 2009

Shortwave Fade - Deletia

Shortwave Fade is set to release their debut album “Deletia” on March 9th on Slice Pie Records.
Starting everything of with an electronic whirlwind, but not dance electronic music, the album enters the listener’s ears. The style of electronic music that marks Shortwave Fade is a chill-out relaxing electronic sound. The first song Stay As You Are reminds a bit of the Mexican band Zoé, which is probably a good thing. It has to be said though that the song is missing something, the beginning is more promising than what the listener gets in the end. The music becomes slightly repetitive, and the vocals are hard to make out. To Late To Tell the singer has a voice that resembles Ben Gibbard on the lines “been here before/we’ve seen the signs”.
Overall I like the album, even thought I have the tendency to let it flow over me, and stop listening. It is the perfect music to study to, as it is not annoying in any way, it can almost be said to be relaxing. The vocals are the main thing that the band should work on improving in the future, as the sound of their songs is really good. Still there is a certain punch to it all that is missing. Currently I really like Cover Your Eyes, and I believe that this album will grow on me, and many others after a couple of listens. And then Onto the Ark, has the punch that is missing on the rest of the record, it makes you want to listen to the whole things again, interesting concept for building up an album.

Review by Solveig Werner

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