Saturday, 28 February 2009

Eminem Feat. 50 Cent and Dr. Dre - Crack A Bottle

Guess who’s back, back again, shady’s back, tell a friend. Yes that’s right little boys and girls the boogie monster of rap yeah the man’s back. If you have not got the hint, Eminem has re-entered the building and he’s brought along his best peeps to show the whole world how rap should be done.
Growing up in the most gangster ridden area of the world (The Cotswolds), me and my crew loved a bit of Eminem with his crazy ideas after school and slowly we brought up the albums like Eminem took painkiller pills at his peak – his ideas were really nightmares for white parents. However, since departing stage right in 2005, Eminem has keep pretty quiet. Sure we were enticed by the beats of 50 Cent, Kayne West (before he went weird) and the Game. But what we yearned for was Eminem to reignite our passion for rap music- in 2008 he called his own radio show and declared he was back.
The song itself isn’t classic Eminem in the way Stan, Lose Yourself or Without Me are, but what is a solid return by the world’s favourite rapper. It is has a hit guaranteed written in large spray can typeface all over its peroxide blonde hair. Lyrically, Eminem keeps it simple, talking drinking and generally having a good time without being too controversial. Dr. Dre lends himself to excellent production and an intelligent rap section. 50 cent’s slower rap section is again well crafted. The boxing match introduction of each character is a nice touch and adds a touch of theatre to the song- Eminem’s self introduction is tongue firmly in check.
It’s no less then what would be required from the three of the six biggest names in rap- the other’s being Kayne West, Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg. However it cleverly leaves you wanting more…let’s hope the album delivers that knockout blow.

Review by George “Insert Rap Name Here” McSorley

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