Friday, 12 June 2009

Asher Roth- Be By Myself

After his successful debut single, Asher Roth has recruited Cee-Lo to give second single a little sparkle. However somewhere between this being recorded and it hitting the music press, this sparkle seems to have disappeared without a trace. If found please facebook/myspace Roth and tell him where you found it and he’s not having it back.
Roth does have good rhythm and style played against a pastiche 60s soul background, all whirling keyboards and the like. It’s not too dissimilar to a Gnarls Barkley record, sadly though one which should of stayed in their head rather than in everyone else.
All I want to do is sing Cosmic Girl (Jay Kay you have a lot to answer for) when Cee-Lo kicks in with the chorus which adds the shabby state of affairs. Cee-Lo, you can do so much better than this…
The instrumental is good, mainly because it’s an instrumental.
As for the Roth-mister well only time will tell if he is the next big thing in rap. With my knowledge of rap, I give him two minutes before he’s back lugging garbage into the truck. Go be by yourself for a while Mr. Roth and think about what you have done.

Review by George McSorley

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