Monday, 19 January 2009

White Lies – To Lose My Life

They’ve been hotly tipped by just about everyone imagine (as well as a few who aren’t), they’ve supported the likes of Crystal Castles and Glasvegas: really, is it possible for a band to be more in vogue than White Lies currently are? ‘To Lose My Life’ is only their third single, released to promote their forthcoming debut (also called ‘To Lose My Life’ – clearly hype prevents you from actually coming up with names for things), and while it may not exactly justify some of the more ecstatic praise they’ve been getting, it’s an enjoyable enough song in its own right.
Kicking off with an insistent bass hum and frontman Harry McVeigh’s darkly romantic baritone, ‘To Lose My Life’ is an arena-sized three-minute epic, with a soaring chorus that begs for vast auditoriums and vastly overpriced, piss weak lager. While they are undoubtedly another band far too in thrall with Joy Division for their own good, they’ve still got some undeniable melodies, and they manage to avoid the painfully dire lyricism of an Interpol or the plain tedium of an Editors quite capably.
Over hyped? Good God yes. But enjoyable regardless? Actually, yes to that as well.

Review by Mark Corcoran-Lettice

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